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2009-07-06 04:20 am
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iPhone/iPod Touch

Do you have an iPhone or an iTouch? When I got my iTouch, I experienced the mad rush to download all the cool little apps, like everyone. But after I got it working as a Kindle, I pretty much lost interest in everything but the book reading and music-listening functions. Which is good because the battery life is terrible. But I've recently experienced a Renaissance of downloading and trying useful apps for fun and profit (?). I usually only buy apps if they're $2 or less, and then very rarely, so check out my recommendation of mostly free and very fun iPhone apps. Here's the ones I can't live without: )

That's all I'm into right now, but I'll keep adding more as I go, and of course you're free to tell me of any awesome finds.
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2009-07-06 04:27 pm

Let the Right One In icons

I made some icons from my new obsession, Let the Right One in. This is the first set of icons I've ever made, so they aren't very fancy, but I just wanted to play around. The movie is so beautiful I couldn't resist.

I don't really have any rules. You can comment if you take one (or not, if you don't feel like it), and you can credit me if you want. It's okay to edit these or use them as bases, most of them are blank. Enjoy!

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There are 21 icons total, below the cut. )